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Canada Wide: (289) 234-1374


Sullivan Medico-Legal Experts acts as an operational, administrative, and marketing resource that provides highly qualified experts to assist law firms across Canada in the delivery of comprehensive file reviews and opinion reports for medical malpractice cases. Our roster includes but is not limited to, Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Midwives, Chiropodists, Paramedics, Dietitians, Nurse Practitioners and Administration/Nursing Management and Educational Experts.

We prefer a referral to join our team of experts however, if you consider yourself a highly credible expert in your present area of practice with at least 10 years full time experience, presently practicing and can dedicate time to this additional professional role, we invite you to complete the form below and submit your resume to:

As an Expert with Sullivan Medico-Legal Experts:

You consider yourself an expert in your present area of practice with a minimum of 10+ years’ experience in that area. 

You are extremely organized and available to commit to completing casework in a timely manner and attend trial as an expert witness if called.   

You consider yourself analytical and a critical thinker.                                         

You possess excellent English verbal, grammatical and writing skills and are willing to complete a writing exercise prior to our consideration.  You must have a computer with WORD program. A printer is recommended.       

You are in good standing with your designated college.